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Get a head start on hunger with Hellofood mobile apps!!

Hellofood, Ghana's fastest growing online business, announces today the launch of its dedicated Android and iPhone apps, further expanding its reach into African mobile commerce.

Android app:

iPhone app:

With Hellofood apps going live today in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal and Ivory Coast, customers across Africa can now order from hundreds of restaurants over the internet, without having to switch on their computer or talk on the phone.

Hellofood's goal from the outset has been to make ordering food fun, fast and hassle-free. Simon Mills, Hellofood Ghana Country Manager said "With tens of thousands of Ghanaians now able to order the food they love with just a touch of a button, we're really making life as easy as possible. Whether getting a head start on hunger by ordering on the move, or placing a sneaky lunchtime order during those long morning meetings, “Ghanaians finally have food at their fingertips".

And it's not just corporate types who are taking advantage of the new technology. UniLag student Tunde Adedeji uses the app to place his lunch order from Chicken Republic: "I used to order fried chicken from Hellofood using my computer, but now I can use the same platform from my Android phone, it saves me time, and doesn't require a fixed internet connection."

Ghana enjoys 23% mobile browsing penetration, so any serious tech company has to have mobile at the heart of its strategy. With thousands of satisfied Hellofood customers already in Accra, the hope is that these apps bring Hellofood's partner restaurants directly into the palms of potential customers.

Hellofood Ghana Country Manager Simon Mills will be conducting interviews this week and next to discuss Hellofood's mobile strategy, please contact Frank Yeboah ([email protected] / 0262 371 060) to schedule an appointment.

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